Cardiovascular Endurance

Devin and Zheng at the 2019 Cascade ClassicFitness, in the CrossFit philosophy, was always meant to challenge all physical skills:

cardiovascular endurance strength stamina flexibility power speed accuracy agility balance coordination

Most seasoned CrossFitters tend to fall into only wanting to develop or play with strength, stamina, and power. This means your cardiovascular endurance isn’t challenged as often, leading to complaints about how bad your endurance is. Training is tolerance building! Show up and do the workouts you don’t want to do.

Like today.

CrossFit WOD for Thursday 1/30/2020

AMRAP in 45:00 100-200-400-800-400-200 run 125-250-500-1000-500-250m row 50-100-200-300-200-100 double unders

Share total meters covered! Post-workout should be a lower leg foam roll.

LISTEN: Why Fasted Cardio? Episode 40 – The MisFit ProjectWATCH:

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