We are doing something NEW this year for PRIDE to celebrate inclusivity: all day on Friday, June 22nd we will hold FREE Pride Community Classes. It is important to us that all of our athletes feel welcome, safe, and seen within our walls all day, every day. Though we celebrate Pride all year, we are happy and excited to celebrate our community even more during this month.
FCF Pride Community Classes
We will be hosting a FREE Community Day for all members of the community, friends, family, and visitors to town! All day Friday we will treat every one of our scheduled classes as a Community CrossFit class – this means each and every class is open to everyone! We are looking to work with a local LGTBQ+ charity – if you have a special charity that is dear to you we are open to your recommendations!
Why? Because we believe that everyone deserves an opportunity to live a fit and healthy life! We are proud to foster a strong, supportive community and fitness for all. Everyone who comes through our doors is considered an athlete regardless of gender identity, sexual orientation, size, age, shape, or ability.
Current Members
– RSVP to class (“Pride WOD”) as usual via Zen Planner app or desktop. We will return the class to you as a special treat.
– If you’d like to donate to charity, you may purchase a class through your Zen Planner profile via desktop.
– Go to our class schedule on Zen Planner.
– Select the class time you’d like to attend
– Select “Sign Up”
– Follow prompts, select ‘Free Trial’

As you’ll see in our class description for the day, in lieu of our normal $25 drop-in fee you are welcome to select the option to DONATE your fee to a local LGBTQ charity.
FCF x Seattle Pride March
We will be representing at the Seattle Pride Parade again this year! The schedule on what time we will start has not been announced yet – keep an eye out on the blog and the Facebook event page for details. We’d love to have you and your family/friends march with us! Let us know by signing up on the sheet at the gym and just show up! See you there!

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