Thursday: BW Chipper

AIR HIGH FIVES!How are you holding up?

WORKOUT for Thursday 3/26/2020

NO/LIMITED EQUIPMENTfor time:100 walking lunges80 (jumping) squats60 situps40 1-arm burpees, alternating60 situps80 (jumping) squats100 walking lunges

FULLY EQUIPPEDfor time:40 front lunges, 43/29/20kg30 toes-to-bar20 hang power snatch, 43/29/20kg10 squat clean thruster, 43/29/20kg20 overhead squats30 toes-to-bar40 front lunges, 43/29/20kg

Post time to whiteboard!

2nd Serving: Need More Work?Strength-bias

for time:40 front squats, heavy and awkward40 hspu / hand-release T-pushups

Front squat should be around 70/50/30kg if you are fully equipped. If “heavy and awkward” is not an option double the reps to 80.

READ: Seattle Station Says It Won’t Carry Trump’s Coronavirus Briefings – DeadlineWATCH: Pulling and back exercises are part of the home exercise diet that seem to disappear, especially if you have no/limited equipment. This is why you’re prescribed so many hanging exercises in the gym: both barbell and pullup bars.

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