Tons of Tabata

David R and Ryan B
Empty barbells aren’t usually used in workouts, but can be devastating when used in high volume work like today.
+ There Goes the Gayborhood: Seattle’s Shifting Queer Geographies – KCTS9

CrossFit WOD for Thursday 3/22
1. tabata Gymnastics-style plank
2. tabata KBS (Hard-style)
3. tabata ring row
4. tabata push press, 20/15kg
5. tabata burpees
6. tabata muscle snatch, 20/15kg
7. tabata forearm plank
8. tabata KBS (Perfectly-vertical)
9. tabata handstand
10. tabata tuck jumps
11. tabata jumping good mornings, 20/15kg
12. tabata thrusters, 20/15kg
Post total reps to whiteboard!
7 rounds
Row 250m
1 weighted rope pull
rest 1min
7 rounds
Row 250m
12 Double KB Step Ups
rest 1min
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