Week of 2/18 Through 2/24

(The Post-Holidays Party pictures will be out this week.)

You know what else is out this week? THE FIRST WORKOUT OF THE 2019 CROSSFIT GAMES OPEN!

READ THIS NOW!READ THIS NOW!(Or save a copy to your device.)


Monday 2/18

CGO 12.1max target burpees (at 6″) in 7:00 then establish a front squat 1RM in 12:00

Plus option is to do bar-facing burpees. Post score and weight to whiteboard.

Tuesday 2/19

CGO 13.4- AMRAP in 7:00 3-6-9-12-15-18-etc clean & jerk, 52/38kg toes-to-bar

7:00 rest then

CGO 12.5+ AMRAP in 7:00 3-6-9-12-15-18-etc thruster, 52/38kg chest-to-bar pullups

Post scores to whiteboard.

Wednesday 2/20

CGO 14.4 AMRAP in 14:00 60 calorie row 50 toes-to-bar 40 wall balls, 20/14lbs to 10/9′ 30 cleans, 61/43kg 20 muscle-ups

Post score to whiteboard.

Thursday 2/21

CGO 15.527-21-15-9 reps for time:calorie rowthruster, 43/29kg

Post time to whiteboard.

Friday 2/22

CGO #19point1

We will know on Thursday night! Check out http://games.crossfit.com/

Saturday 2/23

The CGO 19.1 Event

Plug in your scores to http://games.crossfit.com/

Sunday 2/24

CGO 13.3 AMRAP in 12:00 150 wall balls, 20/14# to 10/9′ 90 double unders 30 muscle-ups

Post score to whiteboard.


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